He used to sing about an exciting futuristic world, now the future's here and he's very disappointed.  This is Graham Clone: This future is Incorrect the latest character comedy tour-de-force from Ross Daniels.

Daniels is, of course, no stranger to our screens having been a constant for over 20 years – his TV credits include City Homicide, Stingers, Blue Heelers, Something in the Air and Janus. Films include The Hard Word  and Guru Wayne. In Fact, Daniels' interest in acting began at an early age. "My mother was an actor and drama teacher and was a major influence," he says. "I also began using my knack for changing voices and mimicry to combat bullying in the schoolyard." Probably my enthusiasm. I can’t help but get excited about new ideas and projects. As long as that’s happening I’ll always be around.

The 90s saw him transition into a high profile standup comic. He was a regular at Melbourne's iconic The Last Laugh as well as The Comedy Store, Sydney. TV was still a medium with regular guest appearances on Tonight Live with Steve Vizard as well as  Midday with Ray Martin.  Daniels is also a voice over guy, host, improvisor and musician. "I enjoy different jobs and skills at different times," he says. " Some days I embrace being the funny guy, other times I relish doing dramatic roles and others playing music. Sometimes it’s nice just doing a voice-over about pasta."

Graham Clone: This Future is Incorrect follows the hit shows Unpack This, Punked and the award nominated The Transposed Man, Graham Clone: This Future is Incorrect. It's a synthetic musical odyssey which serves up a finely crafted, hilarious narrative that taps into the zeitgeist fascination with all things retro… with scarily catchy original songs.

Graham Clone had been a project on the backburner for a while, says Daniels. "I wanted to tell a story about someone who’d had some success long ago but then disappeared from the landscape. I was also keen to explore the concept of people’s disappointment with how the 21st century and ‘the future’ had turned out."

In keeping with Daniels' desire to keep things fresh, new and challenging, he's also currently starring in a recently released web series called Swampy’s World. YouTube, says Daniels, has put video streaming in front of everyone – all ages, all walks of life. "It’s quite rare that a single product or device becomes a verb. Hoover the carpet, Google the question, YouTube the video."

Daniels credits his enthusiasm as being the magic bullet to his longevity within this fickle business called the entertainment industry. It seems he can’t help but get excited about new ideas and projects. "As long as that’s happening I’ll always be around," he says.

There are loads of fantastic overseas artists coming in for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, but the home grown talent we have is outstanding – and Daniels really is the cream of the crop. So for an exciting new character. Strangely infectious songs. Many moments of laughter.  A great story see Graham Clone: This future is Incorrect