In his furiously energetic and relentlessly funny show, “You Don’t Know What You’re Talking About,” Ronny Chieng turns a critical but always humorous eye towards some of the stupidity present in society today.

Chieng burns through jokes quick and fast, shooting them off one after the other with anger, vitality and an underlying layer of truth that can’t be denied. In fact, this last element is Chieng’s greatest asset in his show. His ability to cite common day instances, things that many people have experienced or are doubtlessly familiar with and turn them into comedy gold is nothing short of clever and entertaining. I found myself laughing not just because the jokes featured passionately delivered punch lies but because in many of them there was a funny, resonating wisdom.

The elements of society Chieng ridicules and criticises is varied; ranging from Valentine’s Day and ‘Border Security’ right through to the ‘battle’ between Android and I-Phone. Many of his topics touch on the over-arching concept of technology, but all are topical making his show an uncanny but humorous reflection on the lives and world we live in today.

Chieng completely avoids padding out his routine with cumbersome set ups or elaborate physical gags instead favouring witty jokes laced with irony, pop culture references and above all, smarts. Despite the sophistication of some of the jokes, you’ll also never feel confused during Chieng’s performance wondering where the punch line was. And with just over an hour’s worth of content without weak points or slips in quality, Chieng also won’t ever have you feeling bored or under whelmed.

Another important aspect that makes Chieng’s show so wildly engaging, is his relentless anger and frustration that accompanies many of his gags. It’s this frustration that not only adds to the charisma of his personality but also to that ‘all too true’ sting of his content. Combined with this is the fact that Chieng is a delightful storyteller. This is a comic genius that knows how to set the scene, the atmosphere and then deliver the killing line with a true sense of climax.

‘You Don’t Know What You’re Talking About’ is a supremely polished show that is a comic joy waiting to be experienced.