When audiences turn up to Greenday’s award-winning rock musical American Idiot, they will see one of three performers playing the role of St Jimmy. It’s a role that has been traditionally played by rockstars and the Australian production is no exception, with Phil Jamieson (Grinspoon), Adalita (Magic Dirt) and Sarah Macleod (The Superjesus) rotating the role.

“I think the St Jimmys are quite different to each other and we all have our own take on St Jimmy,” said Adalita.


While Phil Jamieson and Adalita had already performed the role during the Sydney, Adelaide and Perth seasons of American Idiot, Melbourne marked the debut for Sarah Macleod.

Adalita said that some audience members have returned to see a different version of St Jimmy.

“We certainly look different. We’ve all got our own variation on how we do our hair and makeup for a start, whether you like it or not. He hates my makeup,” quipped Macleod, with a quick glance in the direction of Phil Jamieson.

“I love your make up!” replied Jamieson.

“He keeps calling me Panda Bear. I don’t understand your makeup man!” Maclead laughed in return.

To sum up their interpretation of St Jimmy, Adalita described her character as “nasty” and Sarah Macleod described her portrayal as “bad ass”.

“I’m fairly charming, but also a bit devilish in some ways,” commented Phil Jamieson.

American Idiot

Joining the cast of a musical wasn’t an easy step for these three rockstars.

“It’s terrifying! When we sing our own songs on stage we’re representing ourselves. This is acting, this is not us. So I found the first time that I did it to be very nerve-wracking, because there’s so many other people who are really dependent on you in this production There’s fifteen other incredible cast members, that if we don’t hit a spot at the right time, then that messes up their show. So we all want to work as a team and row as a boat. That was the real pressure, because they’re all incredible!” explained Phil Jamieson.

Sarah Macleod added, “There’s so much to remember – like what spots you have to hit at different points in the song. It’s really particular – like five seconds that way can change everything.”

However, these three rockstars have also discovered the joys of musical theatre.

“So it’s terrifying, but also incredibly rewarding. It’s a different type of euphoria at the end of this show than at the end of a rock and roll show … it’s this ultimate thing where the audience comes with us on this incredible, quite emotional, ride and when it ends its quite a europhic feeling when the crowd are with us. So it’s really lovely,” explained Jamieson.

“We’ve thrown ourselves into this completely and committed to it 110% and that’s what you have to do. You just have to go for it. The sense of accomplishment is far beyond anything I’ve experienced before. It’s helped me on so many levels as a performer, so I’m taking away a lot. And I love this cast and I love this production – everything about it!” exclaimed Adalita.

“Yeah, it’s a real honour to be a part of it,” said Jamieson.

“ Everyone in this cast is so good. Really good singers and performers and really good every night,” added Macleod.

“And the show is really high energy. It’s physically demanding! “ said Adalita.

American Idiot

Phil Jamieson had no hesitation in signing up for the role. He’d been a fan of Greenday since their third album, Dookie, was released in 1994. American Idiot followed.

Adalita admits she never thought she’d ever be in a musical, but said American Idiot “is the one you’d want to do.”

“I’m glad to do be doing it!” she added.

For fans of the Green Day album, the American Idiot musical will mean hearing these well loved songs in a whole new way.

“The background vocals and the way it’s orchestrated … and the arrangements is really clever. It’s right up my alley. I like it!” exclaimed Sarah McLeod.

American Idiot is currently playing at the Comedy Theatre until Sunday 11th March before moving to Brisbane then Darwin.


Comedy Theatre
From February 23 – March 11 2018
ticketmaster.com.au or Ph: 1300 11 10 11

Playhouse Theatre, QPAC
From April 13 – April 21 2018
qpac.com.au or Ph: 136 246

Playhouse, The Darwin Entertainment Centre
From May 3 – May 6 2018
yourcentre.com.au or ph: 08 8980 3333
ST. JIMMY to be played by SARAH McLEOD

*For a full performance schedule with details on the rotational role of St. Jimmy please refer to the ticketing outlet or www.americanidiotlive.com.au