Sheridan Harbridge, Ryan Johnson and Julia Rorke in 80 Minutes No Interval (c) Tony Davison - high res
Some people seem to keep making the same mistakes. For others, bad things simply happen over and over again.

Right now, Sydney’s Old Fitz Theatre is hosting the world premiere production of Travis Cotton’s 80 Minutes No Interval, which promises to be a short and sharp black comedy with a big impact, and a running time only as long as the title suggests!

Cotton’s tale is the story of Louis, a failed novelist-come-theatre-reviewer (played by Ryan Johnson of House Husbands’ fame). This self-referential play examines the 21st century preoccupation with the need for perfection, its resultant crippling indecisiveness, and the effect of those who seek to attain it. The show invites audiences on a journey with Louis as he stumbles his way through life, love and theatre!

The supporting cast for 80 Minutes No Interval includes Jacob Allan (Packed to the Rafters, Winners & Losers), Sheridan Harbridge (Songs for the Fallen, North by Northwest) and Julia Rorke (Bite Me, Vernon God Little).

Also a part of this incredible cast is Robin Goldsworthy (All My Sons, Loot), who theatre audiences most recently had the opportunity to see in Hamlet. Theatre People had the good fortune of catching up with Goldsworthy who told us precisely why Sydney audiences should head straight to the Old Fitz’s website for tickets to this world premiere production!

Theatre People: Most recently, you’ve been touring in Damien Ryan’s acclaimed production of Hamlet for Bell Shakespeare. How are you enjoying the complete change of pace from the role of Rosencrantz?

Robin Goldsworthy: Well with Hamlet last year, I had 240 minutes to play four characters, so only getting 80 minutes to play three with this feels much more chaotic. It’s quite a trip. Trav’s written these amazing roles that all have such sharp and exhilarating gear shifts. And when you throw these stupidly talented (not to mention, distractingly attractive) actors into the mix, you’ve got to be so on point just to keep up. It’s exhausting. Also just being back at the Fitz is really special to me. It’s my fifth show here and literally being in the lap of the audience is something I will never tire of.

TP: How did you come to be involved in Travis Cotton’s 80 minutes No interval?

RG: Trav and I did Lord of the Flies together about 10 years ago and I’ve been a massive fan of his ever since. So when he asked me to have a read of 80 Minutes No Interval I jumped straight into it. I think I was on a tram in Melbourne and I just could not stop openly laughing. And not that ‘I’m in public so I’ll quietly chortle to myself’ kinda laughter, it was big and it was ugly… No one sat next to me that day funnily enough. I immediately called him up and told him I was in. I mean, when someone offers you the chance to say the most outrageous things you’ve ever read in a play, you don’t say no.

TP: Tell us about the role you’re playing.

RG: I play the main character Louis’ Boss, then his dad, then his prospective publisher. I essentially get to torture our hero in three different ways with three very different results. I’d almost feel sorry for him if it wasn’t all so God damned funny.

Robin Goldsworthy

Robin Goldsworthy is currently appearing in 80 Minutes No Interval

TP: Given the season at the Old Fitz represents the work’s world premiere, how do you feel about having the opportunity to originate this role?

RG: It’s always tough doing a new comedy. Will people laugh? Where will people laugh? You learn so much about what the play is and what resonates with people once you’re up in front of an audience. With this one I know people will laugh, I’m just excited to see who laughs at the really, really wrong stuff.

TP: To date, what have you enjoyed most about your involvement with 80 minutes no interval?

RG: I s**t my pants with laughter everyday… I mean really what’s not to love? Cotton, Johnson, Harbridge, Allen and young lady Rorke. At the fricken Fitz. Heaven.

TP: What do you think audiences will enjoy most about 80 minutes No Interval? Is there anything you think sets it apart from a lot of new works currently playing on Australian stages?

RG: I think audiences will love the ferocity of this play. It’s wicked. It’s unapologetic. It’s surprisingly beautiful. It’s like nothing you’ve seen before and it’s all wrapped up in 80 minutes.

Click here to see a short trailer of this exciting new production!


Writer/Director – Travis Cotton
Presented by Thread Entertainment in association with Red Line Productions
With Jacob Allan, Robin Goldsworthy, Sheridan Harbridge, Ryan Johnson and Julia Rorke

Production Designer – Georgia Hopkins
Lighting Designer – Ross Graham
Composer/Sound Designer – Hamish Michael
Composer – Hue Blanes
Stage Manager – Liam Murray


Venue: Old Fitzroy Theatre, 129 Dowling Street (Cnr Cathedral Street), Woolloomooloo
Season: 8 March – 9 April 2016
Times: Tues-Sat 7.30pm, Sunday 5pm
Price: $38 Adult, $33 Concession, $28 Previews and Cheap Tuesday
Running time: 80 minutes, no interval – what a surprise!