Gig workers of the world, unite!

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Within the union stronghold of Trades Hall, experimental art company APHIDS and real on demand “gig economy” workers come together in a ritual performance ‘unboxing’ personal and global experiences of work. Objects are delivered, unwrapped and accumulated. An electric bike weaves around obstacles and entry points. The speed of work builds to ‘walk–run’ pace as a shift like no other unfolds.

EASY RIDERS considers how the demand for convenience is shaping bodies, behaviour and perception of time; and jeopardising hard-won workers’ rights including the eight-hour workday.

EASY RIDERS is a site-responsive performance exploring work, precarity and the physical body in the digital age. Developed through a unique collaboration between artists and workers of the platform or ‘gig’ economy, EASY RIDERS honours the experiences and physicality of contemporary on-demand workers within the historical ‘beating heart’ of the labour movement and the eight-hour work day in Australia. EASY RIDERS asks: whose time = whose money? How much of our daily lives should be outsourced to others? At our most ‘efficient’, are we Übermenschen or über-assholes? Through movement, voice and collective action between ‘independent contractors’ of the gig economy and artists—come and witness a shift like no other unfold. The future of work is already here.

Saturday June 5