She walks barefoot across freezing fields. She walks and walks and walks and walks. She walks through lands, through empires, through time.

The Stone Age didn’t end for want of stones.

From the dawn of the Age of Oil to its demise, May and her daughter Amy blaze across the globe; from Cornwall in 1889 to Tehran in 1908, Hampstead in 1970 and Baghdad in 2021, finally returning to Cornwall in the late 21st century. Their mother-daughter power dynamic shifts, even as the resources that fuel it (and the rest of the world) begin to dwindle.

Red Stitch Actors’ Theatre presents the Australian premiere of Oil by UK playwright Ella Hickson; an explosive play which drills deep into our relationship with this finite resource. Oil exposes the insatiable hunger of humanity as we strive forward, leaving the debris of great deeds and destruction in our wake.

Directed by Red Stitch’s Artistic Director Ella Caldwell (The Antipodes, Fury, Incognito, The Honey Bees), Oil features an extraordinary cast of 10: Darcy Brown (Peddling, Peter Pan Goes Wrong, Henry V), Jing Xuan Chan (Incognito, The Family Law, Golden Shield), Charlie Cousins (Arms and the Man, The Doctor Blake Mysteries, Danny and the Deep Blue Sea), Daniela Farinacci (A View From The

Bridge, Lantana, Look Both Ways), Hannah Fredericksen (Dance Nation, Assassins, Dream Lover: The Bobby Darin Musical), Justin Hosking (Wakey Wakey, The Realistic Joneses, True West), Darcy Kent (The Antipodes, desert, 6:29pm), Khisraw Jones-Shukoor (Them, Macbeth, The Way Out), Nicole Nabout (Wakey Wakey, Good Muslim Boy, Angel of Mine) and Jennifer Vuletic (My Dearworthy Darling, Suddenly Last Summer, Arbus and West).

In a first for Red Stitch, this Australian premiere season of Oil will take place at Cromwell Road Theatre in South Yarra.

Venue: Cromwell Road Theatre, 27A Cromwell Rd, South Yarra

12 November – 15

Bookings: (03) 9533 8083 or