At Sydney’s Old Fitz Theatre

How do you get any deeper than a theatre in the basement of one of Sydney’s oldest pubs? Introducing Red Line Underground. Four monthly monsters and eight rare gems at the Old Fitz Theatre. Everything from magic to improve and much more!

BANG BANG RODEO! with Jane Watt continues its monthly stint on Sunday 3 June with guests Brent Hill, Rob Johnson and more.

BURLESQUE with Hannie Raegan keeps shocking and seducing on Sunday 10 June for a special Queen’s Birthday show.

Unscripted. Unrehearsed. Unpredictable. Scott Witt’s JUST THE TWO OF US returns Monday 18 June with special guests Helen Dallimore and Simon Burke.

THE WITCHING HOUR presents a monthly coven of all things Queer, curated by Porcelain Alice and Dino Dimitriadis. An all-inclusive safe space featuring the best of Sydney’s queer underground in a mix of fully-produced themed shows, multi-genre spectacles, spot nights and invited guests.

Straight, white, middle-class males are riding the crest of something special. A wave of unchecked privilege. With a whole world to appropriate, there’s never been a better time to be a dinosaur, and with that, we are thrilled to announce TOBY SCHMITZ LIVE for strictly four shows only from June 26 to 29.


Burlesque with Hannie Raegan is part of the Red Line Underground season at the Old Fitz

Sydney comedy duo Mantaur (Rob Johnson and Harry Milas) present a nightmarish and hilarious original sketch and cabaret show embracing the absurd limits of human ambition in THE RECIDIVISTS from July 19 to 21.

How do women survive in a man’s world? Allow award-winning duo Alice Tovey and Ned Dixon to explain as they re-write the man-ual with their razor-sharp new show, MANSPLAINING from August 9 to 11.

A one-handed, gay actor desperate to be in a big Broadway musical shares his take on the world as the world shares their take on him as Tom Campbell presents ONE HANDER from August 23 to 25.

Being 17 is awkward. Having to take care of your sick dad when you’re 17 is another story, especially when he keeps trying to shave his eyebrows off. Ang Collins’ BLUEBERRY PLAY returns to the Sydney stage from October 18 to 20.

After packing out the Sydney Comedy Festival, and upon returning from Edinburgh and New York, comedic tour de force Jane Watt presents her whimsical one-woman show about newfound airport resident Winnie, GATE 64 from September 27 to 29.

Join Kate Walder in her new show VACUUM THE RUG from November 1 to 3 as she combines songs, well-articulated ramblings, occasional clown paroxysms and simple daily tasks to distract herself from existential dread.

Harry Milas is going to make an audience member disappear. Things will fall apart. Written and directed by Jordan Shea, CASCADIA: A MAGIC SHOW caps off this huge season from November 22 to 24.