****.5 STARS

By Rhylee Nowell

I had the great fortune to see Rebel in 2020 as part of Adelaide Fringe. Unfortunately, the Lead Vocalist was unwell at the time and 5 individual performers filled in on vocals. I absolutely adored this, but now I could not be more excited to have seen Rebel in its original format. It does not disappoint.

More than just a David Bowie tribute show, Rebel crosses all the boundaries: part rock concert, part circus, part cabaret performance and all heart and art.

Led by Stewart Reeve on vocals (and superb vocals they were!) this is not only a magnificent tribute to the iconic David Bowie, but a real artist collaboration with each performer an expert in multiple areas. And I must apologies to the artists, so caught up in the action, I was not quick enough to catch all their names, but Stewart and each and every one of the cast all deserve equal recognition and a huge round of applause.

This show deserves to be in a full-blown arena with all the spectacular effect and tech that goes with it. As such, the Gasworks theatre sells the show short technically – yet this more intimate version of Rebel was just as satisfying.

With gorgeous vocals, beautiful aerials, heart stopping hanging swing pole, electrifying hula hoops, graceful glass bottle walking, quick-handed juggling, groovy roller skating and kick ass drums, this is a breathtaking, thrilling show not to be missed.

It is difficult for most of us to express how fantastic it is to see live performance again! This night of glam rock fabulousness and spectacular sideshow was a tremendous “welcome back” that had the audience gagging for more – catch it while you can!