In a bizarre development, to an already strange case of events, Theatre People brought you the story of alleged fraudster, Mark Hotton.

In light of the criminal case brought before him, the producers of the Broadway musical Rebecca, last Friday filed a civil lawsuit against a Long Island securities dealer, who was charged criminally this week with sinking the show with a bizarre fraud that involved fictitious investors and a faked death.

In their lawsuit, Lead Producer Ben Sprecher and his co-producers said Hotton and his wife, Sherri, and at least a few accomplices whose identities remain unknown, had caused millions of dollars in damages and "gravely wounded the production," which was postponed indefinitely when the fraud was revealed.

"Plaintiffs are working tirelessly to salvage the show," the suit said, "but if it cannot be saved, then (the) defendants are responsible for its destruction, along with at least hundreds of millions of dollars in lost profit damages."

It has also been revealed, that Mr Hotton was already under investigation for alleged professional misconduct when he was charged criminally with sinking the Broadway musical Rebecca.

The Wall Street Journal reports the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority began investigating Mark Hotton in 2009 after a customer complaint.

Hotton's attorney declined to comment on the investigation. He said Hotton didn't set out to defraud the show.