As a young man, renowned American playwright, John Patrick Shanley observed life while he rode the Q44 bus from Bronx to Queens. He realized it had no last stop and that it goes on forever.
The Q44 is life. Miss it and you miss life.

MELBOURNE, 25th MARCH 2014 – Bringing a pioneering and thought-provoking approach to Melbourne’s performing arts scene, the city’s newest theatre company, Q44 will combine expertise and passion through a series of productions that bravely explore the human condition and the struggles, challenges and emotions that come along with it. Founded by Gabriella Rose-Carter, an alumna of both the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute and Black Nexxus in New York, Q44 Theatre Co is a collective that celebrates innovative creativity and open expression, with all 10 Q44 ensemble members uniquely utilized as producers, directors and performers. Based in Richmond, Q44’s 2014 season will open on May 1 and feature four emotion-packed plays, performed in intimate theatre spaces, ensuring close encounters that will leave audiences laughing, crying and lusting for more.

Q44 will launch its 2014 season with Edward Allan Baker’s play Dolores. Emotionally stimulating, Dolores explores the life of two sisters, drawn together through domestic violence and its influence upon their lives. Dolores is produced by Rose-Carter, who also performs in the play alongside Nicole Melloy. A respected actress and figure in the global artistic community, Gabriella brings 20 years performing experience to the team at Q44, including 10 years spent in New York. Upon returning home in 2009, Gabriella spent the next four years planning and developing Q44, aiming to share her experiences and inspiration gained overseas with the Melbourne theatre world, creating a theatre company and performances that would resonate with the Melbourne audiences.

Gabriella says, “Ultimately, I created Q44 to tell stories about the human condition that all people can relate to. Q44’s method of integrating the company into different roles for each production allows us to showcase all talents in all areas of theatre. This unique approach educates and enables creativity through the development of an ensemble of brave players within an artist-driven stimulating theatre.”

For further insights into Q44’s Dolores, click on the image below for a video interview with the cast and director, explaining their connection to and interpretation of the Edward Allen Baker play.

Following Dolores which will run from May 1-18, Q44 will be exploring three more stories that have been chosen by producers to both excite and challenge the audience. Lyle Kessler’s Orphans (12-29 June) will tell the tale of two brothers, a dysfunctional duo surviving as best they can while yearning for something more; Theresa Rebeck’s Spike Heels (27 August – 14 September) will then take the stage in a comedy focused around the power play of sexes; and the 2014 season will end with Kafka’s Monkey (November 12 – 30), a dark comedy surrounding the transformation of an ape into a man and his harsh realisations about human nature.

Q44 Theatre Co. draws inspiration from American playwright John Patrick Shanley, who as a young man, would ride the Q44 bus from the Bronx to Queens watching life unfold, as he observed out the window. Once realising the bus had no final stop, and that it circled around with no ending, he began to think of the Q44 as a metaphor for life. Q44 Theatre Co. uses this mentality to break down the fourth wall and breathe life back into audience’s imaginations through its productions. With an honest and raw approach to theatre that disposes of the bells and whistles, Q44 focuses on narratives that audiences can connect with while expanding their imagination for innovative storytelling.

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Dolores revolves around two sisters searching for love in all the wrong places. Dolores and Sandra are locked in a struggle to retain their last strands of dignity. The play contains a social and political protest edged with satire that will empower audiences.
Thursday, May 1 to Sunday, May  18


$22 concession

$30 adult

$18 per person for group bookings (10 +)


Orphans brilliantly opens up the broken hearts of three men with love, comedy & bravery. Focusing on the character traits of men, creating prisons for themselves due to a lack of love and compassion in their lives, in this dark comedy Orphans challenges society’s order to “be a man.”
Thursday, 12 to Sunday, 29 June

Spike Heels

Spike Heels is a provocative, razor sharp, comedy drama that explores the power play between the sexes, the American class system, feminism, sex, and the possibility of a four sided love triangle. A lusty, street-smart, secretary from the Bronx, A fastidious University Professor, A prudish, upper crust rich girl, and a sleazy, aggressive criminal defence lawyer battle their way through the unintended consequences of their morally ambiguous choices in this contemporary take on the Pygmalion classic. 

Wednesday, 27 August to Sunday, 14 September

Kafka’s Monkey

Kafka's Monkey is based on Kafka's darkly comic story A Report to An Academy, in which an ape, Red Peter, lectures the "honoured members of the Academy" on his transformation into a cultured European man. The play follows Red Peter’s adaptation of the human condition, including undesirable character traits, and analysis the concept of freedom within society – all from the eyes of an ape.

Wednesday, 12  to Sunday, 30 November