Catchment Players are thrilled to announce their October cast for Pure Imagination.


Tennile Adams
Bianca Andreadis
Holly Ashburner
Hannah Bailey
Caitlyn Barrasso
Kianna Bartolo
Mia Bizzotto
Amelia Botter
Grace Browne
Chloe Cini
Henry Cornwallis
Adriana Dall'Est
Emma De Marchi
Ethan Francis-D'Amour
Hayley Francis-D'Amour
Joy Gikonyo
Tyla Giles-Watson
Teri Goodwin
Annie Griffiths
Georgia Ingham
Curtis Kossart
Taylor Kossart
Tayla Little
Casey Mae
Demi Mangione
Riley McCarthy
Briana McGeary
Prashanti Middling
Mikaela Mihocic
Heidi Milne
Isabelle Parkinson
Isabella Parolin
Marcus Parolin
Tahlia Pizzicara
Laura Power
Rosina Qadri
Alessandra Ranno
Ariana Rigazzi
Elise Smith
Annelise Squarci
Emily Stevenson
Stella Tehan
Angelo Vasilakakos
Nicholas Vasilakakos
David Youings
Natalie Zannoni

Pure Imagination will be presented at the Banyule Theatre on the 5th and 6th of October. Tickets are already selling fast, please check out our Facebook page or go to for further details.