One of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful plays in recent years PROOF, by American playwright David Auburn, will be presented from June 9-19th at The Alex Theatre in St Kilda, by Melbourne’s newest theatre company Artefact, an independent production company committed to producing important and influential theatre. It will be directed by Emily O’Brien-Brown.

PROOF is a remarkable and luminous play about fathers and daughters, genius and insanity, legacy and truth. Everyone has parents and everyone aspires to be like them in some way. But what happens when there’s a distinct possibilty that we may inherit their talent…and their madness. Auburn’s play is at turns a comedy, a mystery, a family drama and a romance, and audiences have cheered the production around the world for its craft and intelligence.

PROOF is the story of Catherine (Madeleine Jevic), a 25 year-old woman, who has spent her adult life caring for her father Robert (Roy Barker), a brilliant mathematician who had rewritten the mathematical theories in 3 different fields by his mid-20s but who then suffered debilitating mental illness during most of the rest of his life. When Hal (Mark Yeates) a former student of Robert’s, makes a startling discovery in one of Robert’s notebooks, Catherine must face the sibling rivalry between herself and her sister Claire (Anna Burgess) and her own fears that she might be following in her father’s footsteps, both mathematically and mentally and her desperate attempts to stay in control.

As PROOF is about a family living and dealing with mental illness and the often frightening concept of heredity, Artefact Theatre Co. is proud to partner with SANE Australia. SANE is a non-profit organisation that works to help all Australians living with a mental illness lead a better life. They do this through through support, training and education. When you purchase a ticket to PROOF, there will be an optional donation. This money goes to towards the many services and programs that SANE provides. To find out more, go to

June 9 – 19