The cast of ACUPA's Into the Woods – September 15-17 at Central Hall, 20 Brunswick St, Fitzroy.

Book online or call 9953 3367.

Brendan Hyde (Narrator/Mysterious Man) & Dean Mitchelmore (Baker)

Aimee Fraser (Cinderella) & John Frankland (Cinderella's Prince/Wolf)

Rose Barraclough (Rapunzel) & Maxine Montgomery (Witch)

Rose Barraclough (Rapunzel)

Joe Coghlan (Jack) & Dean Mitchelmore (Baker)

Daniel Matters (Steward), John Frankland (Cinderella's Prince), & Steven Edwards (Rapunzel's Prince)

Dean Mitchelmore (Baker) & Emily McLean (Baker's Wife)

Milky White, Sarah Power (Jack's Mother), & Joe Coghlan (Jack)

Photos: Sara Coen

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