Promises, Promises is playing at the State Theatre, the Arts Centre this week.


Matt Hetherington stars as rising young executive Chuck Baxter


Marina Prior costars as the lovelorn Fran Kubelik


Tony Cogin plays womanizing boss J D Sheldrake


Chelsea Plumley has a show stealing cameo as the daffy Marge MacDougall


Office quartet of philanderers: Mark Dickinson (Mike Kirkeby), Philip Gould (Jesse Vanderhof), Barry Mitchell (Dobitch), and Anton Berezin (Eichelberger)


Chuck can freeze Fran while he chats to the audience.


Chuck is thrilled to learn that Fran also likes Basketball.


Turkey Lurkey Time!


Look at those turkeys go


Turkey Finale



Chuck meets the colourful Marge


Things take a turn for the worse for Fran


Dr Dreyfuss (Robert Grubb) and Chuck try to cheer Fran


Curtain Call at Promises, Promises


Photos: Simon Parris