Following a forced pandemic-pause, pulsating dance theatre work Death and The Discotheque is set to make its highly anticipated premiere at The Butterfly Club from 5 – 8 January 2022.

Set to an electro soundtrack, an unrelenting bass line and live narration; Death and The Discotheque is a rave parading as performance in memoriam to those we have lost and the experiences we crave.  Both absent – one forever, one not.

Whilst the work is a deeply personal reflection by writer Jessi Lewis, the many and varied losses that have been experienced universally throughout these tempestuous times will resonate with audiences.  Common ground is found as grief and emotion are collectively unpacked – on the dancefloor.

Choreographed by Sasha Chan and Jessi Lewis; Death and The Discotheque dancers Indya Brott, Sofia Reinking, Angus EastwoodBen White and Erin O’Rouke emulate the energy of a crowded dancefloor.  With moves born on club floors and from within queer culture; whacking, voguing and ballroom styles fill the floor.

The soundtrack, which is the work of Robert Downie (winner – best soundtrack Melbourne Fringe 2018) and features percussionist Ollie Cox, transports the audience to a sweaty, packed dance floor at a time just before the sun rises – then to a desert.

As writer and narrator, Jessi Lewis (a current Globe Community Award finalist – Outstanding LGBTIQ Media Reporting) has worked with long term collaborator and mentor Tony Yap to further refine the script and performative focus of the work.  They have previously performed together in Melbourne, India, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Image: Gregory Lorrenzutti

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