Writer, performer and limbo champion Ash Flanders will premiere his new cabaret work, S.S. Metaphor from 5 December, created specifically for Malthouse Outdoor Stage.

Directed by Sarah Giles, it will see Ash bring fellow cast members Zenya Carmellotti, Will Conyers and Natalie Gamsu down to his level in a medley of maritime mayhem aboard luxury  cruise liner, the S.S. Metaphor.

A glittering ode to freedom, adventure and endless possibility, this ship might be stuck at sea, but the top tier passengers will be none the wiser about troubles back home… or even below deck.

Ash Flanders said: ‘Sarah Giles and I are so excited to take audiences aboard our ship of dreams, the world’s first disaster-movie-allegorical-farce-cabaret, or Dismalfaret™.

‘S.S. Metaphor is the all-singing, no-dancing result of a restless imagination and the world’s longest lockdown, sailing clumsily between…

The Poseidon Adventure and Snowpiercer with a soundtrack that proves leaving your house might still be dangerous. If you think you’ve seen disasters at The Malthouse before, think again.’

His best advice: just slip on a kaftan or linen slack, sip your mai tai and kick up your heels as the world-class cabaret duo Cruise Control croon your cares away.

December 5 – 19

Tickets / malthousetheatre.com.au