The Theatre People gang partied into the wee small hours on Saturday night at The Waiting Room to celebrate the launch of the new site!



Ian Nisbet and Chris Hughes

Sean Pocock and Laura Carroll

Sally Hughes, Simon Parris, and Steve Rostron

Tam Smith and Laura Carroll

Ashley Weidner tweeting away

Imogen Thomas, Máire O'Sullivan, and Ian Nisbet

Tim McDonald

Hot bar guy (apparently)

Ashley Weidner, Angus Cameron, Máire O'Sullivan, Imogen Thomas, and Ian Nisbet

Chris and Sally Hughes

Tam Smith and Jordy Atkinson

Richard & Vicki Thomas

Ian Nisbet, Adele Scott, Will Hanley, Ashley Weidner, Angus Cameron, and Máire O'Sullivan

Sean Pocock and Ashley Weidner

Imogen Thomas and Máire O'Sullivan

Will Hanley and Adele Scott