Purely Pensive Productions are delighted to announce the cast for our November production of Arthur Miller’s ‘The Crucible’.

John Proctor: Chris Black
Elizabeth Proctor: Gabrielle Sing
Abigail Williams: Freya Magee
Rev John Hale: Dom Hennequin
Mary Warren: Nicola De Rosbo-Davies
Deputy-Governor Danforth: Christopher Gaffney
Rev. Samuel Parris: Robert Clark
Ann Putnam / Sarah Good: Angelique Malcolm
Mercy Lewis: Maddie Wooster
Betty Parris: Natalie Torcaso
Susanna Wallcott: Ellen Akers
Judge Hathorne/Thomas Putnam: Tony Condon
Rebecca Nurse: Michelle Whiteford
Tituba: Atinuke Abraham

We are seeking two actors for the roles of Ezekiel Cheever and Giles Corey. Please contact director Mark Kearney if you are interested: [email protected]