It was a simple request on Twitter:

Please help these seventy-year-olds Shake It Off!

It included a link to this You Tube clip:



The request came from Sydney’s Belvoir Theatre. They simply wanted permission to use Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” in their new play Seventeen. The play is described as “a bunch of Australian theatre royalty playing teenagers.”

Well guess what?

Taylor Swift replied, via Twitter, and gave her approval for the theatre company to use her song. Just in time for opening night.


Taylor approval

And Twitter went a little crazy as a result. At the time of posting over 5,700 people had favourited this tweet. Within six hours, over 13,000 people had favourited it.

So chookas to Belvoir St Theatre and all the cast of Seventeen. We hope you well and truly ‘Shake It Off’!


For more information about the play:


Oh – and in case you’re wondering how the cast responded to the news? They danced …