PoorlyDrawnShark_Prodshot-18“Poorly Drawn Shark” by playwright/performer Andrew Sutherland (“Unveiling: Gay Sex for Endtimes”) and co-creator/dramaturg Vidya Rajan is presented by The Blue Room Theatre Summer Nights and Squid Vicious for Fringe World 2019.

With the assured guidance of director Joe Lui, “Poorly Drawn Shark” is an intimate portrayal of the, sometimes unsavoury, sometimes hilarious, stories of Sutherland’s travels to Singapore. Sutherland is brutally honest about his fetishisation of the Asian men that he meets in clubs during his visit. Likewise, he is surprised to learn that his own features and ‘extra-white’ skin are a fetish for Singaporean men. There begins the journey beyond fetishism and Otherness when people get to know each other, revealing the same desires and PoorlyDrawnShark_Prodshot-1anxieties. Performer Ming Yang Lim plays the ‘Asian’ roles, however, we are also taken into his own experiences as a migrant, living in Australia, yet missing the familiarities and connections of home. The scene when Yang Lim shares photos of his family, and expresses joy and gratitude about going home and being with his family, is very moving.

“Poorly Drawn Shark” is brutally aware, slightly masochistic, autobiographical storytelling that, underneath the grotesque and self-loathing, depicts the process of finding connection and feeling grounded in oneself.

Poorly Drawn Shark” was showing at the Blue Room Theatre from 22 – 26th January 2019.