Acclaimed musical and triple Tony Award-winning show The Secret Garden is ready to bloom at the Frankston Arts Centre (FAC). Based on Francis Hodgson Burnett’s classic children's book of the same title, the musical was adapted by composer Lucy Simon and lyricist/librettist Marsha Norman. The show opened on Broadway in 1991, enthralling audience members with its mystery, delight ,and wonderment.

The Secret Garden follows Mary Lennox, a spoiled, 10 year old English girl who lost her parents and the life she knows in colonial India due to a cholera epidemic. Mary is sent to live in a lonely and vast mansion in Yorkshire with Archibald Craven, her grieving and widowed uncle whose world was shattered when he lost his wife, Lily. Archibald blames Colin, his sickly son, for Lily’s death. This leaves both father and son  isolated, and Mary unnoticed while they all struggle with their grief.

Left to her own devices, Mary wanders through the grounds of the manor and finds herself unravelling some secrets— the locked and walled garden that her aunt Lily loved; the mysterious crying that leads her to Colin in his hidden room; the magic and adventures that come with the discovery of love, hope and companionship.

PLOS Musical Productions has committed to translating the quaintness of the narrative set in the 1900s onto a 2012 stage through amazing technical design and excellent research on the part of the production team. The beautiful music, ghostly apparitions, and stunning visuals help bring this Victorian tale alive on stage. The casting process—the Indian characters were the most challenging to cast, due to the vocal requirements—results in a strong ensemble of performers with Eliza Bennetts O’Connor playing Mary Lennox, Toby Truscott as Archibald Craven, and Zac Krause as Colin Craven. Under the direction of Brad Dart and musical direction of Malcolm Fawcett, the cast has been rehearsing the show’s lavish, classical-sounding repertoire, featuring legit and character style vocals with British, Yorkshire and some Middle Eastern accents.

As a company built on strong family values, PLOS Musical Productions is known for promoting togetherness and providing high quality theatre to family, children and younger audiences. The company’s production of The Secret Garden is the perfect gift for your family this holiday season. Come along and experience the magic of The Secret Garden in Frankston—it’s limited season only, so don’t miss out!

The Secret Garden will open on New Year’s Eve, Monday 31 December. Tickets are now on sale. Bookings can be made through the FAC website, or by calling (03) 9784 1060.