PLOS are set to take flight with Mary Popping in early 2016, and just minutes ago were pleased to announce the people fortunate enough to gain roles in the show. Read further for a list of names, and don’t forget to congratulate friends who will be practically perfect come January!

BERT                                  Andrew Perry

GEORGE BANKS              Daniel Ginsberg

WINIFRED BANKS             Lauren Elise

JANE BANKS                     Felicity Bertram

MICHAEL BANKS              Lenny Thomas

KATIE NANNA                   Kirsty Hall

POLICEMAN                      Peter Jenkins

MISS LARK                        Stefania Gatt

MRS. BRILL                       Janet Reid

ROBERTSON AY              Aidan Niarros

MARY POPPINS                Nadia Gianinotti

PARK KEEPER                 Daragh Wills

NELEUS                             Andrew Seymour

QUEEN VICTORIA            Liz Catford

MISS SMYTHE                   Cara Johnston

JOHN NORTHBROOK       Peter Jenkins

BIRD WOMAN                   Shirley Bowen

MRS. CORRY                    Lauren DeSilva

ANNIE                                Monica  Sabbatucci

FANNIE                              Tess Sabbatucci

VALENTINE                       James Davies

MISS ANDREW                 Liz Catford



Callum Armstrong

Nichalos Armstrong

Nicholas Barca

Shirley Bowen

Liz Catford

Jo Corbel

Brooke Cowley

James Davies

Lauren DeSilva

Ned Ebert

Lachlan Fletcher

Tom Frost

Stefania Gatt

Rebecca Ginsberg

Gina Goss

Zac Groeneveld

Kirsty Hall

Natasha Harvey

Natalie Heels

Chris Higgins

Peter Jenkins

Cara Johnston

Sebastian Johnston

Alicia Loftus

Mark Mackenzie

Michael Mitchell

Max Rowe

Jesse Thomas

Monica Sabbatucci

Tess Sabbatucci

Andrew Seymour

Saskia Scott

Courtney Smith

Daragh Wills




Summer Brydson

Emma Ginsberg

Zac Wilkins


Image credit to Adam Coppel.