Players Theatre Company is thrilled to announce the cast of their June production of ‘A Chorus Line’.

Zach: Jaison Hoernel
Laura: Jacqui Allchin
Don: TBA
Maggie: Sonia Heath
Mike: Tim Addicoat
Connie: Guada Banez
Greg: Cameron O’Reilly
Cassie: Nicole Kapiniaris
Sheila: Latecha Cadle
Bobby: Mark Mackenzie
Bebe: Sarah Elijah
Judy: Ruth Bishop
Ritchie: Steven Edwards
Al: Damien Calvert
Kristine: Stephanie-Kaye Wilson
Val: Britni Leslie
Mark: TBA
Paul: Matt Jakowenko
Diana: Laura Greenhalgh
Ensemble: Stephanie Barcham
Ensemble: Cait Coffey-Wong
Ensemble: Larisa Coffey-Wong
Ensemble: Alisha Lawrie
Ensemble: Stephen Oakes
Ensemble: Louise Reeder

The company is still looking for ‘Don’, ‘Mark’ and male ensemble. For any inquiries, please contact Victoria on 0403 581 380 or email [email protected]