Curated by Elvira Frosini and Daniele Timpano, the Istituto Italiano di Cultura Melbourne (IIC Melbourne) , is proud to announce its 2021 Play-Back theatre edition – an exclusive online viewing of the performing arts dedicated to contemporary Italian theatre.

With ‘tutto un mondo’ summed up in ten plays from February to November, IIC Melbourne Artistic Proposals and Events Coordinator, Daniela Severi, said the performances are significant to the world of contemporary Italian theatre production.

Whetting an appetite for contemporary Italian works, the first play to be released this month is from The Anagoor Company. Titled ‘Socrate il sopravvissuto / Come le foglie’ the piece is based on the novel ‘Il Sopravvissuto’, by Antonio Scurati, with graftings inspired by Plato and Cees Nooteboom and is presented from the point of view of a teacher standing in front of a group of students.

Between the moments preceding the death of Socrates as ordered by the city, and the hour in which the student, Vitaliano Caccia, shoots dead a whole examination committee, only sparing the life of his history and philosophy teacher (as it is fiercely painted in Scurati’s novel), a battle is engaged; an authentic clash of the giants within western thought from its origins to its inevitable and tragic historical outcomes.

Throughout, two eternal queries are renewed, the search for meaning – as a bulky question mark is turned towards the teacher – and the question around the position occupied by the educator itself, concerning knowledge and the disciples.

Responding to an iconic aesthetic, Play-Back theatre edition embraces Italian dialogue through the performing arts, philosophy, and literature to evolve into grandi spettacoli for audience members to enjoy.

An eye-catching program below, immerse yourself in the beauty of the Italian performing arts.


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