3 Big Men Productions presents an extraordinary musical about ordinary people doing ordinary things.

Every day people trying to make a living……
“I play Rose Hoffman, a teacher reaching the end of her working life. Rose looks back over her 41 year teaching career and laments the changes that have occurred in that time. The challenge with Rose is to present her as she is today – disillusioned and unknowingly racist – while retaining the audience’s empathy by showing them the pride she once had in her job and her students.
Rose is a multilayered character and, as an actor who generally plays comic roles, I have enjoyed discovering her ‘realness’. Be it a relative, an acquaintance or a public figure, we all know someone like Rose.”
Barbara Hughes
“My first character is Roberta Victor, an Elite Escort. She is an exclusive, highly business savvy Entrepreneur. I have loved delving into the world of the High Class Escort, learning that exactly what goes on isn’t necessarily what one may think… She is a woman who took a one off event and basically built an empire. Not your everyday success story but, my goodness, I’ve come to really respect her story as others will. I’ve also watched loads of Secret Diary of a Call Girl episodes; all in the name of research of course! My second character is Maggie Holmes; an older woman from Tennessee who is the fifth generation of cleaning women in her family. What I adore about her is the overwhelming sense of hope and determination that she possesses. She is adamant that she will break the chain and give her daughter a ‘better day’. I’m lucky enough to get to belt out the sensational Gospel number ‘Cleaning Women’. So very uplifting, vibrant and again sprouts the message of hope and strength. She is unstoppable; I’d love to have that courage.”
Elle Sejean
Working is a musical that tells a collection of stories about people doing their day to day jobs. You may not think that there would be a lot to sing about for a teacher or a factory worker; but on the contrary, it is their very existence that is the inspiration for the Lyrics. Their struggles, triumphs and regrets are the source. Stephen Schwartz, best known for works like Godspell and Wicked is often solely accredited as the creator of this musical, but there were actually many more collaborators who wrote material for this piece. Darren Mort, the Executive Producer of 3 Big Men Productions has been kind enough to discuss the reasoning behind producing this rarely performed piece.
“3 Big Men Productions has produced many theatre productions such as One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, 6 Degrees of Separation, The Passion, Hobson’s Choice etc – all with a message to send; all with the intent of ensuring our patrons take home a little something that they can reflect on in terms of their own lives. Working is a long way down the track from company’s first inception. However, our focus has remained ever strong over time: to explore public issues within the community, encourage debate and forum on significant community matters, educate, produce entertaining value for money shows with broad community appeal, provide a vehicle for charities to raise monies, establish a credible profile within the arts community and provide a transition point for young performers into full time professional theatre.”
“We chose Working in order to produce a show not well known to the theatre public and to offer something unique. We do this by way of our collaboration with beyondblue – with whom our Project Officer and Fiona (producer) have worked with closely. Audiences will be amazed at some of the imagery/information that we have to offer. Although the show itself is not about depression, we utilize this production as a vehicle to educate our audiences about mental health issues and strategies in which to deal with them. Everyone is touched by depression in some way – a relative, a loved one – it is a common condition. Via this production of Working, we get to send a message that there is hope; there is a road to recovery. It is a show about the celebration of the common man and in that festivity we get to marvel in what we can achieve as a race if we work together.”
Dione Joseph, the Director of Working has a clear vision of what she has set out to achieve, and has been gracious enough to give Theatre People an insight in this interview. “What attracted me to this piece was the opportunity to highlight how society perceives a person through our jobs is still one of the most rigorous and documented systems that we use. This particular show is based predominantly on fact and fittingly lends itself towards offering insights into one of the most dominant aspects of how we live our lives and the choices we make. I knew that the process of creative development and discoveries for Working would be particularly exciting and the chance to simultaneously create exterior perspectives of location, different eras, and a variety of careers but also internally capture shades of abstract difference was a dichotomy I particularly wanted to explore.”
“With a title like Working it is hard to see how this piece could not be significant to all of us. Working is a musical that explores the lives of working individuals from different strata’s of society: ethnicities, ages, and experiences. The tapestry of our society very often only recognizes certain members. This piece is a collection of vignettes that segue in and out of our histories offering a quintessential glimpse into some of the characters who perform daily in our lives. We honour the original setting of America; locate it specifically in Australia and in doing so re-emphasize the connection that these two countries share. In addition there are different time periods. 1950s, 1970s, 2010 are also incorporated so we not only contemporarize the show but are offered glimpses into the past. Without knowing our past, our present is full of gaps and to bring forth the truths of today we offer you the opportunity to visually remember the past.”
“Based on a range of non fictional characters (with only name changes) the Musical takes you on a journey to see a side of the people who you may indeed come into contact with everyday, but to hear a story or song that isn’t often heard. These are men and women we find in our lives everyday in America, in Australia, in our living rooms through the media, over the radio and across the internet – there is no one space but many intersections. Listen to their words and let their messages resonate long after the theatre doors have closed, because that’s where the drama of life begins.”
“Being predominantly a Theatre Director who uses Physical Theatre and a variety of techniques to develop Characterization; I strongly believes in creative exploration through pushing boundaries – and that was what I wanted – a cast who were interested in discovery.”
And finally from Fiona Miller the Producer: “Who are you? What did you dream of becoming as a child? A question often we don’t look back on for many years until we realise how different our lives are to what we dreamt. We capture the innocence of the childhood dream that makes our journey’s , just about us, for us to be proud of us and who we are.”
Working is possible because of the collaboration with beyondblue, Berger Kordos, Art Series Hotels and Latin Transport.”
It is very clear from the passion and commitment in the words of Fiona, Dione, Darren, Elle and Barbara that Working will be a must see production. Why should you see Working? Because it is a Musical about you, and everyone you know.