Pin Drop investigates our collective responses to real and/or perceived threats.
The stranger breathing down the phone, the thump on the roof in the dead of the night, the danger lurking in the unlit street. Part documentary, part art-house thriller, Creator/Performer Tamara Saulwick’s (map folding for beginners, Imprint) interdisciplinary work, Pin Drop, explores the phenomenon of fear in our day-to-day lives, and its impact on how we choose to live.
Saulwick, who has worked as an independent actor, performance maker, director and teacher for the last 20 years, was given government funding last year to produce the solo work exploring women’s responses to threat.
“I wanted to look at fear and how it affects what we do and the choices we make,” Saulwick says.
The work is built around a series of audio recordings from one-on-one interviews of women speaking out about their experiences. Pin Drop is told through twelve voices: one live, eleven pre-recorded. It is a cross-disciplinary work for a solo performer and 11 Voices.
“When I spoke to people, I was surprised by how many have interesting stories to tell and I was inspired to share some of these. I feel it’s an interesting concept and one that everyone will be able to relate to.”
Saulwick is assisted in her focus on the: "processes of creating cross-disciplinary performance and the integration of new technologies into the performance environment," with audio design and real-time processing by composer Peter Knight, which places the focus on the nexus between live performance and sound.
Pin Drop is part of Arts House second Future Tense season. Arts House Artistic Director, Steven Richardson had this to say about Pin Drop, Future Tense and the work’s place within the season:
“We celebrate artistic practise that expands the traditional relationship between artist and audience and introduce an element of creative exchange. The programme includes six premiere seasons and represents a snapshot of exhilarating contemporary theatre practise from emerging artists alongside established artists from both Australia and abroad. Pin Drop is an audio-sensory exploration of the phenomenon of fear from Playback Theatre Company’s Tamara Saulwick. Future Tense continues Arts House’s bold commitment to art that challenges our preconceptions and values.”
‘So I was out the back just reading and I felt this really strange sensation come all through my body… and I thought something has shifted in this house, something is different…’
Pin Drop  – an audio-sensory exploration of the phenomenon of fear – can be seen at Arts House, 521 Queensberry St., North Melbourne in August 2010.