Thinking of Auditioning for Phantom? Director Chris Hughes gives you the low down on the Audition Process.

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Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical The Phantom of the Opera is the most successful piece of entertainment of all time, produced in any media, and its success is continuing all over the world.

• It is estimated that Phantom has been seen by more than 130 million people, and the total worldwide gross is now in excess of $5.6 billion.
• The show has won over 50 major theatre awards including three Olivier Awards, seven Tony Awards including Best Musical, seven Drama Desk Awards and three Outer Critic Circle Awards.
The Phantom of the Opera became Broadway’s longest running show ever when it overtook the record set by Cats with its 7,486th performance on January 6th 2006. It is the only Broadway show ever to celebrate anniversaries through 18 to 25 years.
• The box-office revenues are higher than any other film or stage play in history – including Titanic, ET and Star Wars.
• The original cast album of The Phantom of the Opera was the first in British musical history to enter the music charts at number 1.
• Album sales, including original cast recording, foreign language recordings, studio recordings and the film soundtrack now exceed 40 million

Show Dates

21st June – 14th July 2013

Audition Dates

19th October & 21st October 2012 *NEW DATE ADDED 23rd October

Call backs 24th October

Hughesy’s Rant

Phantom is one of just a handful of shows that performers and audiences alike hold in the “sacrosanct” category.  It’s not the kind of show you really want to mess with all that much and frankly, I don’t plan to.  Yes… There will be a boat, a staircase and a bloody great chandelier!  The essence of the piece will remain as is, but we’ll still put our own stamp on it, but the originality will be in the execution, the hundreds of little decisions along the way that will hopefully make this production unique and hopefully, quite beautiful.

When people think “Phantom” they think “lavish” and I think the biggest challenge is that we’ll have to create a visual feast with a fraction of the budget of a professional show. Those constraints force one to think creatively and frankly, that’s what appealed most to me about taking on this project in the first place. 

Technically, Phantom is a monster of a show, but like most theatre, it wouldn’t have achieved such incredible success if it wasn’t underpinned with a great story and of course, the amazing score.  I’ll admit, I was initially daunted by the thought of staging such a technically challenging show, but after listening to the score again, I would happily stage a concert version and feel confident that the audience would still go away happy… The show is just that good.  Having said that… I have no intention of staging a concert version!

I have a passion for set design, so I’m glad to be working with Alberto Salvato to create a visual backdrop that will do the show justice and act as a functional, elegant setting.  We’ve also got some great people on board the production team like my good friends Julia Buchanan (“Glam” to those who know her) in the MD chair and Robbie Mulholland taking care of the chorey.  We’ve also got the king of lighting, Jason Bovaird.  It’s always a good sign when Jase is twitching with excitement and to use his words “You only get one chance in your life to do Phantom” – so you know he’s going to pull out all the stops for this one.  I like the vibe at Windmill too. Chilled out, attentive, dedicated and most of all… they all are down to business when they need to be.

Undoubtedly, the single most important aspect of the show that we can’t overcome with creative thinking is casting.  It’s a tough one to cast – Christine, Carlotta, Piangi… all solid opera singers in their own right are going to be challenging.  Then there’s the Phantom of course, who has some big shoes to fill given Anthony Warlow’s long standing engagement with the role. Here’s where you come in…

What are we looking for?

Opera Singers or musical theatre singers who can lend themselves to the opera sound for a few months. If you are more pop, rock, then round out that tone and give some “legit” singing a go.  You might like what you hear. We don’t care what you look like.  All shapes welcome.

What will the auditions entail?

No monologues.  Just come in and sing a song (one is enough) that’s relevant. No Britney, Madonna or Beiber please.  We will be friendly and supportive and we genuinely want you to do well!  I’ve been on the other side of the auditions desk and I know it’s tough, so you’ll earn my respect just by turning up!  Once we’ve completed the first round, we’ll go to call backs.  You’ll get some additional music to learn and perhaps a couple of passages of dialogue, depending on the role you are going for.


Listen to the show before hand.  We want you to want to do THIS show, not just any show. Learn your song. Perform it.   Don’t apologize for being sick. 

What’s in it for you?

1. You’ll be part of something truly spectacular. This is a once in a lifetime show.
2. You’ll have fun.  We will work hard, but we’ll play hard too!  Loads of functions and party time allocated as part of the process!
3. You’ll learn something and to hone your craft. I’ve been told I’m an “actor’s director” and that’s a badge of honor for me.  I like to take a hands on approach with everyone to ensure that everyone gets to work on their craft and deliver a performance they can be proud of. 
4. The roles are all great. From comic to dramatic and everything in between there are challenging roles up for grabs including 16 featured ensemble roles.


“Dandenong is too far” – Surprisingly, it’s actually not that far! I live in Blackburn and got to the theatre in 20 minutes.  It’s all freeway! It’s also safe, well lit and not too full of weidos or people who want to steal your car. 

“Who is Windmill? Never heard of them!” – For starters, they have an awesome theatre, The Drum.  It’s modern and incredibly well appointed.  530+ seats, so it’s also BIG, but intimate.  They have a great supporting team, a real desire to be the best they can be and a reputation for being a decent group of people to work with.

"An amateur company can't do Phantom! It's too hard!" – They've got some great technical people working on this and have set aside their biggest budget ever (yes, it compares favorably to MUCH larger companies out there). They also have the technical know how to pull this off.  We are also working tirelessly over summer to get the technical aspects right!

"I can't make the auditions!" – Ok… Don't freak out too much. Email me and we'll see what we can work out (for REALLY exceptional circumstances only)

If you have any other gripes, email me – [email protected]

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