Peoples playhouse is currently seeking up to three people to share the volunteer position of Production Coordinators of an upcoming production.

Production Coordinator requires the ability to manage and oversee all areas of the production of a children’s musical.

Whilst not directly responsible for the following areas they are required to liaise with committee of management, director, musical director, choreographer, costume coordinator, Front of house coordinator, publicity etc to ensure all sections complete tasks and are supported by each other with information gathering and sharing

Organise duty roster of parents and friends, support the production team, and notify cast members as to their commitments when required ,should be comfortable addressing large groups of adults and children to inform them of activities.

Generally manage entire production, ensure budgets are adhered to, some financial skills required however generally that side is managed by the treasurer

Peoples Playhouse has a strong committee of management which will support and guide the candidates through the entire process.

Should you wish to find out more or apply for this position please email [email protected]