Christmas is Patrice Tipoki’s favourite time of the year. After spending so much time travelling and performing as Fantine in Les Miserables throughout Australia, the West End, Asia and, most recently, opening the new opera theatre in Dubai, Patrice Tipokis is looking forward to spending this Christmas at home with family.

Christmas means more than just time with family for Patrice Tipoki, “I’m a Christian, so this is a time when we celebrate the birth of Christ. That’s the centre of our religion and the centre of our existence, so that makes it extremely special, as well. So either way you look at it, it’s a really special time of the year for us.”

However, Tipoki is quick to add that Christmas can also be a very difficult period for some people, “I know for some it’s the hardest time of year: whether it’s family break ups or if they’re hard done by, or don’t have a home to live in, or enough food, or toys for the kids, there’s always someone who is less fortunate than you.”

Patrice Tipoki’s newly released song is ‘Christmas All Year Long’.


“I feel like the message of the song, about compassion, is especially poignant at this time of year but can be carried throughout the year.”

The music is written by Randy Kartchner, with lyrics by Ed Kee. Lorin Nicholson accompanies on guitar. Tipoki had met Nicholson over a year ago. He and Tipoki were both presenting at a motivational seminar.

“He is such a great speaker and has a wealth of experience from his life, so he was someone I respected already. I did know that he was an accomplished musician, as well, and his family are all musicians,” said Tipoki.

Nicholson contacted Tipoki and said he’d be interested in collaborating with her. Tipoki replied immediately that she’d love to.

“I think he was just sussing me out, because an hour later he wrote back and said, ‘Okay, so I’ve got this song and we need someone to sing it,’” said Tipoki.

“So I listened to it and I cried, and I listened to it again and I cried again! It really had some important things to say … and on top of all that, it was beautiful musically,” Tipoki commented.

The song was recorded from all corners of the world. Tipoki was in London, Nicholson was in Australia and the orchestra was in America. The music had originally been written as a love song for a musical, but new lyrics were written to create this beautiful Christmas song.

Patrice Tipoki hopes anyone who listens to the song will come away with the message of compassion.

“Compassion is one of the most important things that we can have: to be able to share with those around us and to stop and see how we can help someone out. It’s not just about self. I think there’s more to life than just earning as much as you can and getting a big house and a big car. It’s about the effect we have on other people and how much we can help other people that really matters.”

This will be the first Christmas at her home for Patrice Tipoki and her family in several years. They’ll divide their time between Patrice and her husband’s families.

“The kids are so excited! We set up the Christmas tree the day we got back and put up all the lights. They’re starting to get the hang of it,” explained Tipoki who is looking forward to some time off the stage with her family and allowing her children to really enjoy what Christmas is all about.

Patrice Tipoki hopes ‘Christmas All Year Long’ will send a positive message of compassion towards others, as far and wide as possible.

Patrice Tipoki’s new single ‘Christmas All Year Long’ is out now:


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