This October, Savoy Opera Company Inc. – Melbourne’s premier Gilbert and Sullivan company – performs Patience, one of Gilbert & Sullivan’s best and wittiest shows.

Patience, or Bunthorne’s Bride, was written to satirise the aesthetic poets, an artistic movement formed in the late 19th century that included, most notably, Oscar Wilde.
Oscar Wilde, like his parody, Bunthorne, was genuinely attractive to women as he and the other aesthetic poets stood in stark contrast to the male stereotypes of the day. In Patience, the chorus of maidens shun the military men to whom they are betrothed and swoon over the poet Bunthorne, and then his rival, Grosvenor, who woo them with words rather than heroic deeds.

However all does not go to plan, as Bunthorne only has eyes for Patience, the humble milkmaid, whose constancy in her claim that love must be unselfish stands apart from everyone else, as they busily display their undesirable selfishness, according to the fashion of the day. All is ultimately resolved, with typical Gilbertian wit, but who will be Bunthorne’s bride?

Gilbert and Sullivan shows have universal appeal that crosses the generations, and the Savoy Opera Company carefully choose their repertoire each year to appeal to their committed audiences and newcomers alike. They continue to strive for excellence with their extraordinary hand-painted sets and their professional costumes.

This Savoy production sees some wonderful talent with fresh faces on board, as well as some familiar faces who have worked their way through the ranks to play principal roles.

Savoy has a reputation for providing a good grounding for aspiring stars as they get to learn, practice and improve upon their stage sense and vocal skills in front of appreciative and discerning audiences. Over the years, a number of members have gone on to sing opera professionally, both nationally and internationally, with the good grounding they gained at Savoy.

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Savoy Opera Company Presents:

Gilbert and Sullivan’s


From October 16th: Monash University, Clayton

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