What’s your biggest fear? Large bodies of water? Not reaching your expectations? Or maybe fearing you’re not worthy of love?

Crush explores the daily problems of a very small newspaper firm and their attempts to break the big story that will put them on the map. Passions run high, particularly personal ones. When the personal and professional mix, fear takes over. But who knows? Maybe you’ll learn something about your own.
Get caught in this fast paced and revealing love square between three brutally honest office workers and a prick called “Steeee-ven” who wants to shag anything that moves. This surprising comedy is sure to tickle those ribs.

The directorial debut of Isobel Summers, Crush is presented at The Owl and Cat Theatre in Richmond, who pride themselves on producing thought provoking theatre; exploring topical issues and widening conversation.

May 23 – June 2

The Owl and Cat Theatre 34 Swan Street Richmond