Unsung heroes and forgotten pasts brought to life through dance

A choreographic overture that gestures to the unrequited and unattainable, as four dancers invoke lost heroes through their shared fictions.

When choreographer Jo Lloyd was young she would pretend to interview her heroes – people that inspired her and whom she wanted to meet.

An extension of Lloyd’s imaginary meetings with her idols, OVERTURE is a dance that attempts to connect with fascinating individuals, including those that people obsess over and idolise.

As dancers move through Lloyd’s glorious choreography, they invoke lost heroes playing out impossible scenarios – sparking a conversation between past strangers and present.

Initially inspired by Felix Mendelssohn’s famous overture, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and his relationship with his sister, the lesser-known composer Fanny Mendelssohn, OVERTURE investigates the unattainable, the unrequited and how history renders people immortal or invisible.

OVERTURE will captivate as it dances between the possible and impossible – reminding audiences that what is captured or documented is not always the full picture.

14 – 19 August