Q44 Theatre's Orphans by Lyle Kessler  is the story of Phillip and Treat, two grown orphaned brothers living in an abandoned North Philadelphia Row House in 1985.

Phillip is kept captive in the house, whilst Treat spends his days self employed through petty thievery so he can provide for his younger brother. Phillip whilst hungry for knowledge and something beyond the window he dreams through, idolizes Treat and is left to conclude that his brother knows best.

We have a dreamer and delinquent, both yearning for a mother and father seemingly surviving as a dysfunctional duo, until one night Treat brings home a prisoner.

Harold, a racketeer, gangster, orphan and magician all in one drunkenly stumbles home with Treat one night. Dressed in a fine silk suit and carrying a briefcase full of stocks & bonds, Treat decides to hold Harold for ransom.

As the story unfolds, in the attempt to go from prisoner to parent, Harold tries to help set them both free from the prison Treat has created for Phillip and himself.

"Orphans is woven from mysteries, contradictions and unanswered questions."

"Orphans is violent, shocking and profane. And it's wonderful."

Playing till June 29, Q44 Theatre


Photos: Scott Brownlee