Cast, crew, guests and fans celebrated the outstanding success of the world amateur premiere of Phantom Of the Opera opening night.

Photographer credit Emily McCoy.


Toby and Bree Truscott



Adam Bianco and Eric Di Florio


Penny Dixon, Jon Sebastian and David Dixon


Anne Caprackas and Simon Crean


Brenton Staples


Cameron and Naomi Osbourne


Claudia Boman and Patrick Hill


Mark McDowell. Rowena McDowell and Chris Bradtke


Alan Burrows and Christine Andrews


Paul and Tara Keelan


Patrick Hill, Lucinda Barratt and Tim Minturn


Peter Stanbrook and Stelios Karagianna


Richard Perdriau, Patrick O'Halloran and Colin Morley


Sarah Cuthbert, Mardi Cuthbert, Chris van Raay and Kaitlin Jemson


Tim Phillips and Lucinda Barratt


Wendy Belli and Peter Leithead


Ellen, Sarah, Erica and Denis Mitchell



Grant Alley, Rob Hudson and Sandra Davies


Mark McDowell and John Barratt



Rob Hudson, Rosemary Kemp and Greg Alabaster


Tania Woolett and Kym Evans


The world amateur premier production of the Phantom of the Opera presented by CLOC Musical Theatre at the National Theatre, St Kilda until May 25th. Booking: 1300 362 547 or for more information.