Circus luminaries, Debra Batton and Sue Broadway, bring their joyous show of aging disgracefully, One and the Other are back to La Mama in this new iteration, 17 October until 28 October 2018.

The all-female team of Batton, Broadway, Blake, Bartholomew and Barrie reveal personal histories from vaudeville to the post-modern – making visible the middle-aged woman.  Slipping irreverently between theatre, circus, dance and clown this is theatre that is shocking, outrageous, bold and yet surprisingly intimate.

Debra Batton and Sue Broadway became friends working with Circus Oz in the 90’s, travelling all over the world, performing in theatres and circus big tops.

 One and the Other tells the story of Sue Broadway and Debra Batton – they are colleagues, collaborators and rivals that perform a physical theatre duet of dominance, subversion, restraint and celebration. Twenty years on this rare pairing of circus luminaries have reunited to make a one of a kind show expressing an older feminist perspective in this time of #metoo. It combines acerbic truths and audacious acts, in a wonderfully exposing and messy celebration of middle-aged gloriousness.

Hosted by the Victorian Seniors Festival, it is comically candid and slightly alarming.  This duo performs like they have nothing to lose.

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