A warm Melbourne morning, good coffee and the potential of breakfast swiftly moving into an alcoholic lunch, I met with my good mate Stephen Agisilaou to talk about his up and coming production “On The Rocks”.

A true artist and dare I say bohemian, Stephen is all about creating new, honest and raw pieces of work for his Dance Company, Vertical Shadows. Vertical Shadows is a full time professional Dance Company based in Melbourne lead by Agisliaou and “On The Rocks” is their first production for 2012.

Promoted as a double bill, the show will open with “Crimson” a contemporary ballet style Pa de deux set to a beautiful orchestral sound. This piece is created with intent being on colour, sculpture and movement through shapes rather than a standard story line.

This will lead into the title production “On The Rocks”. With a romantic Jazz and blues feel through the music, this show is set in a bar environment and features an all male cast with one female. Agisilaou is somewhat secretive about the shows plot and tells me ‘It’s a bar, one woman, all men, but it’s so much more than what you think”.
Set in in no particular era, and a storyline that is relatable to anyone and any situation, Agisilaou went on to tell me, the show was created from one single song he heard. After listening to the piece, a creation in his mind began, and from there his brain erupted in creation and it lead him to this final product.

I was lucky enough to work with Agisilaou on a project in 2011 and having experienced his talents first hand, I am eagerly anticipating “On The Rocks” as it is guaranteed to be an exhilarating ride of breathtaking choreography, magical dancing and an over all captivating theatre experience.

On The Rocks

6 shows only
9-12th of May

$35 Full
 $30 Concession

Chapel Off Chapel

12 Little Chapel St, Prahran

​03 82907000