Imagine being able to watch a Broadway musical live streamed for free.

Well it’s about to happen. Daddy Long Legs is set to be the first Off-Broadway musical to be broadcast live online, free of charge. Live streaming will occur on December 10th and will be replayed in other parts of the world during prime time.

The producers of Daddy Long Legs, Ken Davenport and Michael Jackowitz have partnered up with Live Stream. Davenport is a Tony Award-winning producer and also produced Kinky Boots. He sees this live streaming venture as a marketing opportunity. Davenport believes live streaming is vital for both national and international audiences to promote and raise interest in Broadway shows, which will ultimately lead to an increase in physical attendance and ticket sales.

“The mission is to get more and more theatre out into the world,” says Davenport.

Daddy Long Legs

Daddy Long Legs is based on the 1912 novel by Jean Webster. Set in turn of the century New England, it tells the story of Jerusha Abbott, the oldest orphan in the John Grier Home. A mysterious benefactor agrees to send her to college under the conditions she writes him a letter once a month and through this correspondence she shares her experiences of discovering literature, adventure, love and self. Not knowing who her aid is, she dubs him “Daddy Long Legs.”


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