Hello Everyone,

We will be harnessing the awesome power of the web to let the people decide who they think deserves to take out a coveted TP Choice Award.

We are now calling for nominations…

To get the ball rolling, anyone who has been nominated or commentated for a Guild Award is automatically nominated. If there’s someone who’s been left off that list who you think deserves inclusion, then please email us with:

Name of Person – Name Of Character – Show – Company – Category (Director, Best Actor etc)

Assuming you are not voting for something ridiculous – Like Toto (Wizard of Oz) Best Actor, then we will happily include them.

Please make sure you get the spelling right! We will and every nomination to the list and early on the week commencing the 6th of December we will be releasing the full nominations list for you to vote on to decide the winner.

Our Web boffins are working behind the scenes to ensure that the voting process will be quick and easy!

You have ONE WEEK to email us with your nominations.

Please email to: [email protected]

Happy voting!