No idea what to sing for an upcoming audition?
Want to make a big impression with a unique performance of the perfect song?
Are you interested in cracking into the industry but no idea where to start?

Let me help!

Life as a performing artist can be quite challenging – we’ve got a lot going on.
Auditions. Singing lessons. Dance classes. Acting classes. School. University. A job (or jobs!). Hobbies (if you are so lucky). Then maybe squeeze in time for friends and family. 
There really is no time for self-doubt or second guesses.
But so often I see performers, beginners and professionals alike, agonizing over what to sing and how to sing it. “Should I do this with this, or do you think I should do this with this? Is this even a good song to sing? Ah well, yolo it’ll have to do.” 
Is this the mindset we should be having about our passion, our craft, our life?

As the MT Rep Coach, I want to give all performers the confidence to say “I love this song, I feel prepared, and I feel confident with all my choices today.”

And when I say all performers, I mean ALL performers. 
No matter your experience. 
No matter where you’ve studied. 
No matter what part of this beautiful country you live in. 
No matter your financial situation. 
No matter what your next step is. 
No matter your goal – smashing your next audition, getting into drama school or building a usable selection of repertoire. 
Whatever individual need you have, I am ready to cater to you.

Let’s get to work!

Everything else you need to know and how to contact me can be found on my website –
You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram @themtrepcoach or email [email protected]

Someone is on your side. You are not alone. No one is alone. 
… And it’s time to leave the woods!