Award-winning Aussie sci-fi audio series makes it’s broadcast debut on BBC Radio, with both seasons airing from Sunday April 21st.

Night Terrace is a half-hour narrative comedy series starring Neighbours’ Jackie Woodburne (Susan Kennedy) as Anastasia Black, a government scientist who used to save the world, but now wants a quiet retirement. She’s understandably miffed when her house unexpectedly starts travelling through space and time. From the ancient past to the distant future, from pre-historic Melbourne to the edges of human understanding, Anastasia fights monsters and solves mysteries, all while trying to find a way home.

Joining Jackie on her interstellar trek are actor/comedian Ben McKenzie (Ben McKenzie Is Uncool, Planet Nerd) and actor/singer Petra Elliott (Petrasexual, Museum Comedy Tour, Sonnigsburg).

The guest cast includes Alan Brough (Spicks & Specks), Cal Wilson (QI, Dancing With The Stars),Toby Truslove (Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries, Utopia), Celia Pacquola (Rosehaven), Adam Richard (Outland, Spicks & Specks), Colette Mann (Neighbours, Prisoner), Francis Greenslade, Stephen Hall, Emily Taheny and Ming Zhu-Hii (all Mad As Hell), Cate Wolfe (Dr Blake), Chris Taylor and Andrew Hansen (The Chaser), Gary Russell (Big Finish, The Famous Five, Octopussy), Dave Callan (Rove, JJJ), Jane Badler (V, Mission: Impossible), Lawrence Leung (Unbelievable, Maximum Choppage), Virginia Gay (Winners and Losers, All Saints), Steven Gates (Tripod) and the late, much-missed John Clark, among others.

It even features cameos from Louise Jameson (Doctor Who’s Leela) and Nicholas Briggs (voice of the Daleks).