Night Songs, a delicate, storytelling adventure into human consciousness, tickled with humorous self-reflection.

Relax for an hour in the enlightening company of Natasha Moszenin’s original compositions and an impeccable trio of vocalists at The Butterfly Club.  The collection of her hauntingly beautiful ballads and contemporary upbeat songs are performed by Soprano (Lara Vocisano), Mezzo-Soprano (Claire Nicholls) and Countertenor (Jai Luke).

During the course of thirteen topical songs, they interpret philosophies and societal issues.  Including meditation, insomnia, anxiety, death and dependency of medications and technological devices. Each singer gives an accomplished solo or melodious and engaging performance.

Natasha Moszenin is a gifted pianist and composer and accompanies the versatile trio as they unpack individual stories in song.  Natasha Moszenin’s intoxicating lyrics encapsulate the precise emotion and awkwardness of past loves, relevant events and domestic violence. Her repertoire includes the wondrous songwriting contributions from Leo Taylor, Charles Mercovich and complimentary collaborations with Antonella Salvestro.

We are treated to Natasha Moszenin’s inviting background notes on the piano, as the audience is invited to recline in the comfort of The Butterfly Club’s downstairs theatre. Lara Vocisano introduces the nature of the tales and tunes to come then Jai Luke sings Leo Taylor’s From the Shadows, the misconceptions of meditation, followed by Moszenin’s Hello Anxiety. Jai Luke’s vocal range and gestures give a realistic and comical portrayal of the isolating affliction.

Natasha Moszenin effortlessly punctuates the performance as the trio continues through her intriguing catalogue. Claire Nicholls diction in her voice is expressive and uplifting.  Her sultry and dulcet tones deliberate the jovial lyrics discussing a minute-by-minute account of sleepless nights and then the harsh reality of cheating partners. Lara Vocisano’s narration connects the songs and her ballads are pitch perfect and touching. The poetic lyrics in Night Songs facilitate the singers’ glorious harmonics, falsettos and emotion.

The timely comical dialogue and songs alleviated a succession of tearful ballads.  Particularly the song Superlative City, a quirky depiction of social media addiction. Natasha Moszenin is an exceptional and unassuming talent and the trio of passionate and expressive vocalists supplements her compositions.

Natasha Moszenin’s Night Songs is for lovers of sonnets, song and the silliness in society.