Primetime Emmy Award-winning storyteller Sean Stewart is creating a groundbreaking new work to headline the National Institute of Dramatic Arts Digital Theatre Festival (49 August 2020).

One of the most influential digital storytellers in the world, Sean pioneered the field that became alternate reality games (ARG). He is renowned for using transmedia storytelling to create worldwide pop culture phenomena, such as his legendary work in the launch of Microsoft’s Halo 2 with ilovebees, Steven Spielberg’s A.I.: Artificial Intelligence with The Beast and Nine Inch Nails’ Year Zero.

The Digital Theatre Festival is an ambitious reimagining of the storytelling landscape. Bringing together NIDA students from all disciplines and featuring international collaborations and a mixture of established directors and new minds, the Digital Theatre Festival comprises six world premieres of works written specifically for the online digital space, being neither livestreamed theatre nor films. These works, many transmedia in nature, range in interactivity, with characters sometimes controlled by the online audience.

Digital Theatre Festival 49 August 2020

Katy Alexander, Ghost Lights

Leticia Cáceres, Six

Nigel Jamieson, Lockdown: Love and Death in the Age of Covid

Deborah Pollard, A Pox on Both Your Houses

Sean Stewart, Roundabout

Pierce Wilcox, Lunacy

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