Nicole Melloy was honeymooning in Italy when she was contacted about a role in the Pursued By Bear’s Australian professional premiere of First Date the musical.

“Funny story; I was actually offered this (role) while I was on my honeymoon! I was in the middle of Florence!” said Melloy who quickly put together an audition video for the producers, despite not knowing any of the music or without reading the script.

Nicole  Melloy

First Date is about searching for love – and in particular “the one” – and Melloy admits it’s a lovely feeling to come home from rehearsals and performances to her husband and the knowledge she has found “the one”. However, Melloy can also relate to being in the same situation as the characters she portrays.

“I have been those characters at times. I’ve been that girl,” said Melloy.

First Date is a welcome return to musical theatre for Nicole Melloy who has been busy doing more intense dramas.

“This is so much lighter. I really love and feel very lucky to be able to go from to the other.”

While First Date has been a lot of fun to work on, it also requires huge amount of focus and concentration.

“The show’s quite a machine, because it’s just the one act and it goes for about an hour and a half and we’re all on stage the entire time. So we really have to keep our focus. We’re all going in and out of a lot of different characters, which is really great but you can’t just switch off at any point,” explained Melloy.

Melloy plays several different characters in this ensemble piece and has found the points of differentiation between each character to ensure their portrayal is unique and authentic.

When considering who this musical is really aimed at, Melloy concluded it really is suitable for everyone. One of the story threads relates to wanting what the heart wants and it never being too late – whether that’s in a career or love.

“I think it will resonate particularly with those in their 20s and possibly 30s, but everyone has been there and these days it’s not unusual for people to be single when they are older … I think it is for everyone.”

First Date is a great night out … it’s a show to come along and have a laugh and have some fun.”

It would also make the ideal date night …

First Date opens tonight at Chapel Off Chapel

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