Over the past twelve months, thanks to Network 10’s Have You Been Paying Attention, Nick Cody has become a more recognised comic amongst the great Australian public, but as he says himself they probably only know him as that guy who laughs at everyone’s jokes. It hasn’t been the most revealing exposure of his style of comedy, but the title of his 2018 MICF show should help shed some light.

If you don’t know what a Loose Unit is, then this show probably isn’t for you. Used by Aussie lads of a certain age to describe a mate who is playfully unreliable, unpredictable, even a bit uncouth, especially after a few ‘froffs’ (i.e. beers). And it’s clear that Cody enjoys a bit of loose unit behaviour. He and his wife – who according to Cody, it’s surprising that someone of her calibre would be with him – don’t have any children yet, but they’re trying, so while he’s without that responsibility he’ll continue to enjoy some loose behaviour.

That can potentially also be characterised by his new found ownership of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier (a ‘Staffy’), the kind of dog typically owned by a bogan he says, and he enjoys nothing more than forcing his wife to watch their pet mid-defecation. This obsession with toilet humour even extends to walking in on people in the act of relieving themselves in airplane toilets – well if they don’t lock the door it’s bound to happen. It’s a vein of humour as old as time and Cody plumbs its depths, so to speak.

But for a thirty year-old, beer swilling, UFC loving, Staffy owner, Cody is pretty unintimidating. In fact, it’s that Have You Been Paying Attention laugh and a winning smile that breaks his ginger beard on a regular basis that Cody such good company. This is a solid set of blokey Aussie humour that’s aimed squarely at loose units and those who love them.