From 15 May to 3 June, Gasworks Arts Park invites you to journey through the dream time stories of the Anmatyerre people with the unveiling of Raymond Walters Japanangka’s exciting visual art exhibition, Ngarleyekwerleng, My Grandfather’s Country.

Opening on Tuesday 15 May at 6pm, Ngarleyekwerleng, My Grandfather’s Country will launch with a live performance of traditional indigenous song and dance from the language group of central Australian desert in the Gasworks Theatre.

Ngarleyekwerleng, My Grandfather’s Country is an assemblage of contemporary and abstract canvas representations of ancient Aboriginal Dreaming stories, created by enthralling Aboriginal artist Raymond Walters Japanangka.
Intertwining tales from the Anmatyerre language group, 300 km North West of Alice Springs, Japanangka’s exceptional series is the result of an amalgamation of traditional indigenous stories of his ancestors with a flawless, contemporary art form. 
His stunning body of work can be attributed to the proud history of well-known Aboriginal artists in his family, namely his late Uncle Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri and late Grandmother Emily Kame Kngwarreye. 

Ngarleyekwerleng, My Grandfather’s Country at Gasworks Arts Park
15 May – 3 June 2012
Opening Date:  Tuesday 15 May
Times:  6pm – 8pm
Venue: Gasworks Arts Park
Cnr Graham & Pickles Street,
Albert Park VIC 3206
Melbourne, Australia