Yesterday, a new website was launched that aims to help the Australian musical theatre industry step by step. This website is called 'Australian Works', and has been founded with the intention of building a community made up of the next generation of writers and contributors to Australian theatre. 

The concept of 'Original Australian Musical' is not one we hear very often, and yet it is something that a lot of people think about and work towards. Australia has an incredible wealth of artists and writers who are eager to contribute to our industry, and eager to put Australian stories on the stage. The problem is that no one hears about these writers. Well, 'Australian Works' hopes to change that. By providing a program where writers can showcase their work and communicate to each other all on the one website, 'Australian Works' endeavors to increase awareness of the original content being created and help provide a supportive atmosphere.

The website also features up-and-comers in other fields of theatre, and showcases professionals who can provide insight into different aspects of theatre. And if none of those things seem to interest you, they also have a blog purely for actors, that discusses the issue that actors face every day.

As a new website, 'Australian Works' needs your support, so if you are passionate about our theatre industry then head on over to the website and take a look!

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