The Official Teaser Trailer for Michael and Phillip, the upcoming LGBTQIA+ Streaming Series is now live!

Witness the most important moment of Phillip’s life go from heaven, to hell in the space of a phone call… WATCH HERE

A classic love story with a contemporary twist, Michael and Phillip play it straight as the eclectic people in their lives provide the humour and drama that makes the boys’ road to happiness a bumpy but unforgettable ride.

The humour is not derived from the characters’ sexual orientation, but rather the people in their lives, who turn every situation into a chaotic farce, while Michael and Phillip simply wish to ‘get on with their lives’.

With the flair and fabulousness of Beautiful People, the unrelenting humour of Will & Grace, the rawness of Please Like Me, and Queer as Folk-style celebration of the family we choose, MICHAEL AND PHILLIP is all about love winning … no matter what!