Introducing ACOCo – Gertrude Opera transforms into the Australian Contemporary Opera Company offering a much-needed future for contemporary opera performance in Australia.


  • The newly transformed Australian Contemporary Opera Company has been established by leading performer and social entrepreneur Linda Thompson, to help ensure a future for contemporary opera in Australia


  • Linda Thompson and her newly-strengthened board will set about helping to create a future for talent in Australian arts by transforming Gertrude Opera and its renowned Yarra Valley Opera Festival into a national platform for good


  • Australian Contemporary Opera Company will develop a national festival platform, creating accessible, contemporary opera, performing premieres, Australian stories and re-envisaged works, helping to create and sustain jobs in the arts.

Heralded as one of Australia’s most progressive, creative innovators, Linda Thompson and the Board of ACOCo is transforming Gertrude Opera (for which she has spent the past 12 years building) into Australian Contemporary Opera Company (ACOCo).

Gertrude Opera delivered Victorians five regional festivals – most recently, the Yarra Valley Opera Festival, connecting wine lovers with opera and building a reputation for creating accessible, thought provoking, award-winning and profoundly relevant performances.

As ACOCo the organisation proposes to take its new form of entertainment national, the company intends to play a truly distinct role in the arts and creative landscape. Alongside our flagship national and state opera companies, ACOCo will play a critical bridge from studio to stage. Supporting young and emerging talent and delivering quality of opera for all. This means taking our beloved festival format national with interstate performances. Telling contemporary Australian stories, performing in English, and in accessible, fun, open locations to existing and new audiences.

Under its new name, ACOCo will make its first debut performance at Federation Square in an event sponsored by the City of Melbourne and the Victorian Government. Collaborating with US company Monk Parrots, ACOCo will present a live performance of David Lang’s love fail on Friday January 29. 7:30 – 8:30PM. This event is free and openly available to all.