Nevernatal – review by Tisara Pathiranage

Overall rating: 4.5/5 stars


Nevernatal will never fail to entertain you for a girls’ night out at this year’s Melbourne Fringe Festival, whether you’re prenatal, many years post-natal or never considering being natal.

The play highlights the apparent and subtle injustices of being in your 30’s; the inevitable societal judgment that comes with being a single woman versus an expectant mother. Two best friends, Erika (Brooke Moss) and Paige (Isabelle Jenkins) could not be more opposite. They explore their friendship and the woes of having chosen different personal life paths. Nevernatal stresses how commonly the modern woman still chooses to abandon her own careers and dreams when she has children.

Despite a pink setup on the intimate stage at Club Voltaire, the sarcastic and quick humour engages anyone in their late 20’s to late 50’s, regardless of gender. Club Voltaire provides a cosy space with couches, chairs and a bar for a cheeky pre-drink before the show.

Freya Magee writes a satirical script, that is witty, intimate and deeply with the times. The characters represent accurate caricatures of women in their 20’s to 30’s. Moss’s portrayal of Erica will leave you in stitches, and you will inevitably try to determine which friend in your circle (or yourself) most closely resembles Paige.

Ultimately, this performance leaves you with that warm gooey feeling when you are reminded of the potential beauty of female friendship and acceptance.

Nevernatal is a clever social commentary disguised in a pretty pink baby shower package.

Nevernatal is now playing as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

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Overall rating: 4.5/5 stars.

Performances: 4

Costumes: 5

Sets: 5

Lighting: 5

Sound: 5

Direction: 5

Choreography: 5

Stage Management: 5



Erika – Brooke Moss

Paige – Isabelle Jenkins

Angela – Genevieve Brott

Cassie – Lonni Allan

Jemima – Isobel Kilmartin


Writer/director/producer – Freya Magee

Music – Freya Magee & Jesse Kluytmans

Lighting/sound – Chris Black