My Fretty Friend – review by George Dixon


Babble productions presented their world premiere My Fretty Friend at the Frankston Cube 37.

This one-off presentation was a huge success and well attended, by all age groups.

The seventy-five-minute, one-act play will hold your attention from the beginning to the end.

The production focuses through meaningful comedy, various aspects of anxiety/depression, allowing its audience to understand not just the internal dialogue, but also the external expressions and body language.

The interaction between events as a university student coping with sports, social awkwardness, mixed with the self-doubts that surface when one is creative, is totally relatable.

All of this is dispersed with uplifting comedy. It also presents the relentless and ever-present nature of anxiety.

The play travels very well, as you are transported into various scenes, each designed to provide humour and insightfulness. The light and shade of this production will hold you captivated.

The performance concluded with Tim and Ruth leading a short Q&A session which was attended by many. To me, this confirmed both the success of the production and interest demonstrated by the relatability.

My Fretty Friend is written, directed and produced by two of Melbourne’s brightest couples Tim and Ruth Gilmour.

Ruth holds a Bachelor of Dramatic Arts. Has performed internationally, in 2016 touring with Theatrino an Italian based theatre company.

Tim studied performing arts at Monash University. His theatre tours have taken him to all corners of the globe from South Australia to the streets of Milan. In 2017 Tim toured with the Sydney based company School Performance Tours.

My Fretty Friend is Babble Productions fifth collaboration using the genre Education in Theatre. The script is based on real encounters, which makes it very relatable.

The open set design is minimal, and the production utilises only two performers.

The desire of Babble Productions and its team is to introduce this play, not only to the general public who will be wonderfully entertained, but also through senior schools as part of the mental health awareness.

This play can be used as a means of encouraging others to talk more about their issues.

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